Today ,The Syrian people remember With great pride those Who sacrificed their souls For the sake of protecting their homeland and syrian Army soldiers Who are fighting battle against takfiri terrorism in various Syrian areas .

The Martyrs’ DAY occasion holds very special significance for the syrian people who stress their determination to make sacrifices and offer martyrs in order to defend homelands.

Martyrs’  DAY is an occasion for inspiring the meaning of sacrifices and continuing the march of struggle for liberating the occupied Arab territories achieving new victories eliminating terrorism . and restoring Security and stability to all syrian areas .

It is an occasion to promote the culture of resistance and the Values of martyrdom and to strengthen the confidence in the  Arabic fighters.

As the War on Syria enters its eighth year . the martyrs Day is an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all Syrian mothers and their sons for their sacrifices to confront the terrorist war waged on their country since 2011.

The martyr and the martyrdom memory consolidate the confidence to go on forward in the struggle against terrorism.

As the syrian people commemorate the Martyrs’ Day, they remember the sacrifices offered by their fathers and forefathers who paid their lives to defend their homeland against ottoman occupation .

Our ancestors sacrifices are the source of the inspiration for our people to continue the battle and achieve the victory.




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