What are those hands that were playing with the security of the homeland ?!

After the Syrian Arab Army liberated Ghouta many press and news websites have published statistics of the lengths of tunnels and trenches distributed in the towns of Al-Ghouta:

Irelied on the figures published by the sites in an approximate and simple mathematical calculation and reached the following results:

– Total length of trenches and tunnels is about 1500 km.

– if we considered that the internal dimensions of the tunnels and trenches are up to 4 meters, then the amount of dust resulting from the drilling is about 24 million cubic meters, or equivalent to a dusty mountain with approximate dimensions: (135 × 135 × 135 m).

 – If we assumed that the soil is weak and the production of the drilling vehicles is 50 cubic meters per day. That means we need 350 excavators working for almost three consecutive years .. This except needed vehicles for complementary work.

 – The amount of concrete poured in these tunnels is about 270 thousand cubic meters, which is enough to build 17000 apartments with an area of approximately 100 square meters and need (81 thousand tons of cement).

After this, we cannot but ask :

– When were all these tunnels dug ??

– Where all this vehicles get their fuel from??

– How were all these vehicles maintained??

– Where did the gunmen get the necessary cement from and al-Ghouta is besieged??

– How did the excavators reach al-Ghouta??

– What hands are those that were playing with the security of our homeland??!!..

 The source: syrianownews



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