Daily Archives: Monday May 14th, 2018

At what price may Putin sell President Assad out?

By Political Analyst Alexander Nazarov One often encounters a stream of  articles, analyses and/or op-eds run by Arab press, especially the ones published or funded by Gulf states,  promoting the idea that Moscow is ‘bargaining’ to get a higher price for its political posture. The authors of such stuff argue that Moscow would sell out its political posture once a ...

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Remote mind control: An allegedly new secret US weapon

Curtis Waltman, a journalist working for the US Boston-based MuckRockwebsite  reportedlycame across a new secret weapon being developed by Washington in an attempt to maintain  remote mind-control. He says that he has found this when Washington State Fusion Center accidentally released records on remote mind control. He was investigating far-left activists Antifa(Anti-fascist) and the white supremacist groups it opposes when ...

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