The world’s smallest neurotransmitter innovation

Japanese optogenetics scientists have shown that chemical compounds are not the only ones that affect brain function and activity.

The scientists stressed that light is also a powerful stimulator of the work of the brain, the light waves activate certain proteins and affect the activity.

Scientists implanted optical devices in the brains of rodents and altered the behavior of animals with the help of specific light waves. Experiments have also shown that these devices are cumbersome because of their large size as they recorded anxiety and discomfort of mice during experiments  due to the size of optical devices.

So the experts at the Naram Institute of Japan solved this problem by inventing a very small microscopic device that converts infrared to blue light.

The device is 1 mm in size, weighs 2.3 milligrams and operates on an infrared-activated battery. Experts are currently working to improve it and to start producing it in large quantities suitable for human use.




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