Justice and Development Party – undermining the foundations of the Turkish Republic (Part X)

Prepared by “Ahmed Suleiman Ibrahim”  Researcher in Turkish affairs (10 of 16)

If we address the issue within this framework, Turkey, according to Fuller’s view, is a “failed” example of secularism that followed the model of the French secular school. Because of its secularism, it has renounced the Islamic world and can no longer influence it, but (in a positive sense) is a state with a secular and democratic accumulation. In such a case, a “compromised” political cultural solution can be adopted, and this solution is nothing other than moderate Islam. The goal is that the West could take Islam out of its religious roots and transform it into a liberal style and thus remove it from being an anti-imperialist movement. Fuller insists that Turkey’s most important problems stem from Kemalism, and its “non-liberal regime” that have prevented Turkey from democratizing.

In his book “The New Turkish Republic”, which he founded on the theory of moderate Islam and post-Kemalist Turkey, Fuller praises the Fethullah Gulen and the AKP, claiming that this duet (Fethullah Gulen and the AKP) is the force that will change Turkey thus turning it into a model for the other countries of the region. On this occasion it is important to pay attention to the title of Fuller’s book “The New Turkish Republic” !!. Graham Fuller, former head of the CIA’s Middle East intelligence unit responsible for 22 countries, is Fethullah Gulen’s sponsor to obtain a green card to USA in 2008. And in Fuller’s analysis in 2001, he offers very surprising assessments:

“Turkey in the near future will be carrying a two-party system , the deep-rooted economic crisis will create a huge earthquake in the government coalition parties (meaning the 57th government led by Bulent Ecevit). A moderate Islamist group would emerge from the Virtue Party and enter into a broad-based political formation. Some active politicians will resign from their parties and join the new formation. This formation will develop and grow as snowball. Moderate Islamists will come to power in Turkey very soon, and along with them a moderate leftist party that does not conflict with the Islamic discourse will enter the Council.”



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