America sells Coca Cola on the Moon

By Naram Sargon

The US Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick who produced the famous film depicting Armstrong and his Apollo spaceship landing on the Moon admitted that the footage was done in a terrestrial studio on the Planet Earth, not in Space. He only used the then best footages, technologies and maps provided by NASA. Science fiction, or to put more bluntly, scientific lies, seem to be customary in politics too. Those who deceive the world with fake scientific stories and science fiction, should be subject to doubts, skepticism and scrutiny because they might be telling lies about everything else.

This man has sold us the fake Moon Landing Story just as his fellow compatriots were selling us their Coca Cola. They also sold us the fable story of the Star Wars where some gigantic mirrors would supposedly be launched into the space to deflect and destroy all the missiles potential coming from the West. People believed these fables until they lately debunked the hoax and realized that the alleged gigantic mirrors  are no more than a redux of the same sort of Moon landing hoax. This seems to be their favorite  game.

They cunningly sell us a different hoax every day. They sell us some worthless “green papers” with the name of the US Dollar, which are being printed and marketed to the world under the big lie that they are worth of gold. But in fact, there is no gold value for these worthless papers. Yet, we give Pax Americana our gold, our wealth and our products in exchange for worthless  papers.

America has sold the world the big lie of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is the same creature selling the world a fake commodity labelled as “democracy and freedom”. They are the same ones selling ballot boxes to take us in a fictional journey to the fictitious “Planet of Freedom”. They are the same ones who would make the entire believe that the so-called “Arab Spring” was a “revolution” for freedom and an Arab adventure to land on the planet of democracy. They want us to believe that this mess was not a mere big American lie.

The fake “Spring” was another big lie as was the United Nations Organization, which is the prototype of the Arab League. Both are some sort of sub-sections affiliated to and run by  the White House. These Organizations are being used in the same as Hollywood studios are being used: to shoot the hoax moon landing movie .

These organizations are mere propaganda fronts and  film-making studios to produce sensational shows, through which America sells its projects and lies as the only ‘undeniable and non-negotiable “truth”’. This way, it writes the scripts, the recommendations and the accusations at will.

The Hollywood-made moon landing fiction is now outdated. To modernize their industry, we see now a fast-track from the moon hunting fiction to the super fictitious hoax of the chemical stunt in Ghouta. The Hollywood Douma Chemical movie ended with an “emergency” landing by the Tomahawk missiles in Damascus. Due to their critical health conditions, these missiles were rushed by ambulances  to Moscow’s lab for necessary medical check-ups and examinations. Some of them might need minor surgical operations.

The big lie about the  invincible winged missiles was just another lies produced by the same factory of lies of the land of the  Coca Cola  salespeople. These “invincible” missiles were downed by elderly outdated missiles of the 1960s, born almost on the same day when the Americans were shooting the moon landing  movie in one of their studios.

America, who scares her enemies with fable  journeys to and from the moon, would not be able to defeat us. It has so far tried so many types of weapons and  so many patterns of warfare, including successive and incessant cluster and multi-faceted wars.  Every now and then, and within few years in intervals, the US comes up with a state of the art warfare patterns,  state of the art new weaponry and state of the art theories of aggression.

The bitter truth is that America fights us with her proxy terrorists, kills us with the religious edicts (Fatwas) of the Wahhabists, and divide our fold by delusional temptations of a fictional peace. It impoverishes us by giving our money to the corrupt Gulf dynasties, corrupt fiefdoms and corrupt religious Sheikhs who present Palestine on a silver plate to Netanyahu.

Therefore, the American age in the East should come to its end. Any rhetoric about staying or leaving the eastern parts of Syria is nonsense and non-salable. We do not buy it. Syria is not a studio to shoot fictional movies. Staying on the surface of the Moon or drinking cold water from the Sunwould be much easier than maintaining military presence in Eastern Syria.

Those who fell from the  high altitudes of their fictional moon landing would see their allies  falling in a state of shock when they realize that the “Syrian Revolution” was a fictional journey taken by the Syrian Opposition to the Moon.  The shooting of this action movie is over now. The Directors and the producers left the location and went back home, leaving the cast of actors and actresses  on the surface of the desolate Moon in a state of shock and dismay.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts




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