President Al-Assad is the main reason behind the Psychotic Break Affecting the White House Staff

The American journalist Henric Pantenwei wrote an article in the Washington Post in which he said: President Bashar Al-Assad is just around the corner of declaring his great victory over the US-led world. President Assad is highly intelligent and his intelligence exceeded the reasonable limits till he became intolerable for the West.

America has received successive blows in the midst of its own home from this young man.

The Syrian army is so great and deserves all respect as no army in the world can bear the burden borne by the Syrian army. Pantenwei believes that the United States, rather than looking for ways to topple Al-Assad, has to look into the reasons behind his stay in power until now, the reasons behind the loyalty of his army and the love of his people.

Do the Syrian people have no TVs at home to watch the news! he wondered.

The Syrian people are not backward and I do not think that the classification of third world people applies to them.

The Syrian people are needed by any country worldwide that wants to survive.

We can say that Trump’s administration has not comprehended well what Henry Kissinger said about the Syrian Dilemma, and no one of his administration’s staff joined him in the prayer of thanks as Syria is not a big country.

The US administration has not learned from the experiences of Philip Habib and his negotiation strategy known as the fire belt strategy.

If Trump’s administration has learned from the experiences of Kissinger, Philip Habib and Colin Powell, they would have known that there are people in Damascus who are standing on 7,000 years of history, leaning on Mount Qasioun, reading and analyzing situations carefully, and concluding what is needed to set an effective strategy of confrontation that draws the image of victory even against a superior enemy.

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