Man of the impossible and the enemy of darkness

The most prominent eye doctor in Russia , the main reference in the field of ophthalmology in the Russian Federation , owner of many titles ..

And the recipient of the award of scientific creativity recently … is a Syrian doctor (from both parents) … the genius Youssef Naim Youssef ..! Born in Namer village in rural Daraa in 1963, he moved to Raqqa with his father, who worked with Russian experts in the construction of the Euphrates dam. He completed his secondary school in Damascus and was sent by the Syrian government to study medicine In the Soviet Union in 1982, and finished his studies in 1989, then he returned to Syria .. He worked for a year, and then returned to Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union where he continued his medical studies and received a Ph.D. in fine eye surgery.

He wrote more than 200 researches and obtained 15 patents ..! He is the head of the scientific research department for new methods of accurate ophthalmology at the university hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is the chief physician of the Sight Recovery Center.

 It is worth mentioning that there is not yet a similar center in Russia or Europe.

The Russian press calls him the man with golden eyes, the vision restorer, and man of the impossible. he carried out about 300 thousand operations and played a significant role in strengthening Syrian-Russian relations.

One of his most famous surgeries  was in 1986, where  conducted a very accurate operation on one of the participants that were putting down the Chernobyl fire, the forty-years-old man has lost an eye and completely lost sight in the other, but Dr. Yusuf restored sight to him …! His dream is to open the largest pediatric ophthalmology hospital in Damascus …



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