The mystery of the Syrian silence about the missiles that broke the Zionist prestige

“Israel has bombed the Smerch missiles of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria, but Iran neither have these missiles nor this system,” wrote one military observer known for their bias toward the Israeli enemy’s entity.

While Iran said that the Syrian army was bombing Israeli positions , only Damascus remained silent ..what is the significance of Syrian silence? And why did not the Syrians brag about those missiles that broke the Zionist prestige ..?

  • The Syrian silence means that the bombing of Zionist sites with dozens of rockets is normal within the war against terrorism and therefore Syria sees the Zionist sites as sites of “ISIS” and al-Nusra front , any delay in bombing was not due to weakness but due of the priorities of the Syrian Arab army which was to secure the Syrian interior first.

  • The Syrian bombing was a message to the United States, Turkey and Jordan in the coming battles that the war on terrorism after the liberation of central Syria is different from the war on terrorism when Damascus was under mortars , or when Syria’s internal roads were torn or when it imported gas, diesel, gasoline and even nitrogen fertilizers.

  • The Syrian silence itself is a message to the oil exploration companies in the occupied Golan that the occupying entity is not able to protect them. It is the enemy’s media who said that Syria has not bombed and therefore they have to expect many surprises before they spend money in vain. No one can guarantee the security of these companies.

  • Zionist propaganda does not affect the situation inside Syria but serves the axis of resistance within the colonies of the Zionist entity on the occupied territories of Palestine and therefore Damascus believes that the Zionist propaganda serves Syria and the axis of resistance and want the Zionist media to continue this propaganda.

  • The Syrian response came after Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow in a message that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not a cold war between Russia and NATO. Therefore, as Moscow did not intervene to intercept Zionist missiles, it will never intervene to prevent Syria from responding. The decision of war is a Syrian decision, , And if Netanyahu believes that the pressure of the West on Moscow will change the nature of the conflict in the region; he must be delusional and day-dreaming, and he won’t wake up until it is too late, especially as the enemy entity was the one who impeded the Moscow Peace Conference in 2009 and thus must bear Those consequences.

  • The most important thing is that Syria does not see a difference between the foreign forces on Syrian territory. All of these forces, including the US, the Turkish, the French, the British and the Arab Zionists ones, are fighters of ISIS in Syria’s eyes.

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