Daily Archives: Sunday May 20th, 2018

The Cycle of Lies

by Thierry Meyssan The Western powers continue to claim that a “civil war” began in Syria in 2011. However, the US Congress adopted, and then President George W. Bush signed, a declaration of war against Syria and Lebanon, in 2003, the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act . After the vain attempt in 2004 by Secretary of State Colin Powell ...

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Syria: Bottom line questions

Graham Fuller, former vice president of the National Intelligence Council of the Central Intelligence Agency, wrote an article on his personal site and republished on The Levant News, criticizing the recent US-British-French strikes against Syria, saying that the United States does not want to end the war in Syria. Fuller said in his article: The Trump administration has just delivered ...

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From here defeat begins

After dominating all Europe, Napoleon decided to invade Russia. When Napoleon passed through the European cities and villages heading for Russia, people used to go out of their homes to watch the glorious Grande Armee of Napoleon. Upon entering the Russian land, Napoleon saw a peasant bending down , holding his sickle and plowing his land vigorously without paying any ...

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