From here defeat begins

After dominating all Europe, Napoleon decided to invade Russia.

When Napoleon passed through the European cities and villages heading for Russia, people used to go out of their homes to watch the glorious Grande Armee of Napoleon.

Upon entering the Russian land, Napoleon saw a peasant bending down , holding his sickle and plowing his land vigorously without paying any attention to Napoleon or his parade.

After stopping his parade ,Napoleon said to his guards and generals: Can’t you see that this despicable peasant didn’t pay attention to my procession, and he ordered them to bring the peasant handcuffed , and so they did. Napoleon said: Why did not stop plowing and looked at my procession? The poor man answered: why would I care about you or your procession, my land is more worthy of my attention than you .

Napoleon said: Do not you know who I am?

The farmer said, I do not even care to know who you are !

Napoleon said: You have to know, I am Napoleon, who will occupy your country ..the peasant answered: you’re too despicable to be able to occupy my country ..

Napoleon said, “You shall carry my name with you so it’ll  always remind you of me”  and he ordered his soldiers to write down his name on the peasant arm, and so they heated an iron stick and tattooed the name of “Napoleon” on the man’s arm ..but the Russian peasant held his sickle and cut his arm and throw it in the midst of the astonishment of Napoleon’s soldiers and officers saying: it would be a great shame on me to carry the name of a despicable occupier like you on my arm, Napoleon looked around him and said his famous word: “This is where the defeat begins” , and so was it , Russia had greatly defeated Napoleon

When he (the citizen) is attached to the love of his land and his country, he will be planting the green spikes of victory  and does not accept defeats ..



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