Terrorism and the cultural structure

Written by: Dr. Ahmad  al-Haj Ali

The intellectual cultural factor has always been combined with other factors  in the process of launching of the terrorist structure.

The cultural factor is known to be an outlet and a motivation for other factors such as the social factor and material factor -in terms of standard of living and income- and the factor of traditions and customs inherited from the past to the present moment.

We can say that  intellectual cultural factor has two characteristics: first, the characteristic of the smooth infiltration and accumulation at soft rates to be transformed at the critical moment to  a  huge incitement power in the formulation of negative and positive events.

The second characteristic of this factor is that it possesses the appeal of “embracing ” and the power of influence in the behavior of the masses, especially when it is subject to external recruitment methodology on the one hand and  to internal flabbiness on the other.

The slogans and cliques do not meet the needs of education because they are emotional flashes that are quickly swallowed up by the reality with its difficult details.

What usually happens in the lives of developing peoples is the perception of the educational factor and the cultural material as activities on the one hand and supplementary activities on the other, and this is what qualifies the cultural factor to develop successive gaps in its general structure which allows the external plan to exploit these gaps to implement its plot and justify many of its sections. This characterization with its density and symbolism applies to the Syrian case, which built a lot  and accomplished a lot but was not at the same level with the cultural selection and testing.

In this context, we can have a quick look on religious cultural factor, which is a critical and embarrassing factor at the same time, here it’s our duty to distinguish between the “Islamic” culture, which is based on peace , tolerance  and the highest human values and between the “Islamist” culture .

This is what the anti-Syrian forces tried to spread by forging Islam and introducing “Islamism”  as a utopian material that fills the vacuum between the earth and the sky, connects the creature to the Creator , and provides  to whom these forces are trying to hunt the necessary attraction and delusion of  pulling him out of the misery of the human reality to the heavenly happiness without using his mind or conducting any good behavior .

Hence came the flow of emphasis on the religious factor as a self-contained one that has nothing to do with openness and interaction, or with bright human behavior or rational judgment, as the  (Islamist) factor is based on the idea of transferring the human away from the mind, the application of this factor is mostly apparent in the introduction of the sectarian dimension in the Islamist culture, as this dimension was left under the influence of charlatans and at the disposal of those who take Islam to the areas of political organization and social goals through this organization.

And we know very well that there is a proportion of individuals of our religious community  who fell under the influence of this Islamist cultural factor that eventually turned to be a crime against Islam itself.

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