Syrian-Russian relief with Astana results and positive evaluation

Syrian political and media circles confirmed that the tour of Astana 9 is gaining a positive advantage after major field achievements achieved by the Syrian army and its allies.

These circles considered that the liberation of the eastern Ghouta and the greater part of the Western Ghouta as well as the northern Homs countryside and Hama Southern villages besides the reconciliations in the towns of Yilda,Babila And BeitSaham in the south of Damascus was reflected in the Astana talks. After there were four reduced-tension areas, only two remained in Idlib and southern Syria.

In this context, syrian researcher and political analyst Dr.Khaled Al-Matroud, director of the Media Compass network, said that the establishment of the reduced-tension areas is a temporary measure that does not undermine the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian territories, and as long as these areas are temporary ;then the United States, Israel and Turkey should not build hopes in the south and north of the country.

He also pointed out that the Turkey hada negative role in the meetings of Astana 9, which reveals the state of confusion experienced by the Turkish leadership towards the regional benefits in Syria and the region, he said: Turkey wants to play with all the cards and invest from everyone and at the expense of everyone, and trying to win at any cost  by satisfying  its allies in the Washington alliance on the one hand and the allies of Syria on the other.

The member of the Sochi National Dialogue Conference said that Turkey had tried to block the meeting of Astana and emptied it of its content, while the United States tried to disrupt the talks through its deliberate absenteeism, adding: Washington was absent from Astana 9 because it knows that the talks will discuss the status of the northern and southern regions and it’s not ready to end the armed presence in the southern region and therefore it did not attend so this issue won’t be put on the table at Astana and therefore no decision about it would be made.

On the outcome of the talks, Al-Matroud explained that the statement of Astana stressed the need to continue  the work in the areas of reduced-tension and protecting it alongside the cease-fire system, which was before this round applied in the areas where there was a presence of the militants,he said:

The Guarantor States decided to hold a meeting in Sochi next July and agreed to hold the third meeting to discuss the issue of the kidnapped and missing persons, and the issue  of handing over the corpses with the participation of experts from the United Nations ,besides the stress on the necessity of encouraging efforts to help all Syrians regain normal, peaceful and safe life, long aside ensuring the arrival of humanitarian aids with no hinders and facilitating the implementation of the recommendations of the Syrian National Dialogue Conference held in Sochi last January.

Director of the Compass network said that the Syrian position was more strong and steady after the failure of the tripartite aggression and  the addressing of the Israeli missiles that targeted the Syrian territory,stressing that the balance of power is no longer at the hands of the parties that waged the war on Syria as he said: Recent field achievements can be seen as major strategic achievements after the liberalization of large areas on which external parties relied on to invest in it politically to press on the Syrian leadership to improve negotiating conditions,however, when they lost all their cards they wanted compensation through a field work under the pretext of using chemical weapons, but they was surprised at the size of the response and readiness of the Syrian army, which has been fighting terrorism for seven years, and that used old missiles which were proved effective in the response to the aggression amid a western and Israeli blackout , nevertheless , this paper also negatively hit back “Israel” by the emergence of new rules of engagement imposed by Syria and its allies, who expressed their full and absolute support to the Syrian army to respond to any attack.

On the features of the next stage, al-Matroud ruled out that armed terrorist groups would succeed in changing the balance of power after losing a large proportion of the Syrian territory which were under their control  and that returned to the control of the Syrian state,considering that the bets on the war on Syria fell and there is no room left to talk about achieving anything to change the Syrian geography, As for the American, Western and Turkish presence in Syria, it is merely a negotiating paper to be spent in final solution negotiations, adding: Russia did not enter Syria on September 30, 2015, so that President Bashar al-Assad would come out with a bleak or incomplete victory, but in order to achieve a great victory that would be reinforced by great achievements of the Syrian army in the next stage.

Al-Matroud also pointed out that the Syrian army will complete its operations so  the year 2018  would be the year of salvation from the organization “al-Nusra front” and the liberation of the entire Syrian territory from the Jordanian border in the south to the border with Turkey in the north.

Adding that US forces will withdraw from the east of the Euphrates River and will try to put alternative forces, but no forces are allowed to enter Syria without the consent of the Syrian state or else it will be treated as occupation forces , besides options are limitless toward the Americans and their allies, whether in the east of the Euphrates or other areas.

Al-Matroud also said that the southern region will witness a major course of reconciliation, which will be a surprise after the threads of the plot and intrigue were all unfolded, saying: Now the picture has become clear and the bet is big on the people of the southern region to raise the Syrian flag before the arrival of the Syrian army as it is undoubtedly coming.

Source: arabic.sputniknews



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