Daily Archives: Sunday May 27th, 2018

The Answer to Duplicity

By Jim Jones – May 8, 2018 Israel, that terrorist state who openly defies UN resolutions, persecutes the Palestinian peoples and claims the right to bomb anybody while denying the right of any sort of retaliatory action, has once again embarked on a most serious provocation in the Middle East. On 29th April, Israel launched an attack full of duplicity, ...

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A British opponent: The Foreign Forces Should Leave Syria

Emily Thornberry,the shadow foreign secretary said that the so called Syrian opposition has underestimated the public support enjoyed by the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. In an interview with the magazine Prospects, Thornberry, a senior official in the British Labor party, pointed out that Assad does not suffer overwhelmunpopularity about which the so called Syrian opposition told the west at the ...

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Scientists Reveal Plan to Grow Genetically Engineered Neanderthal Brains in the Lab

Scientists have revealed a plan to grow miniature Neanderthal ‘brains’ in the lab in order to find the aspects of difference between them and the human species. A team of researchers who have previously inserted Neanderthal genes into mice and frogs’ eggs are now using the technique to understand how humans became ‘cognitively special’ compared to their ancient relatives, according ...

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