A British opponent: The Foreign Forces Should Leave Syria

Emily Thornberry,the shadow foreign secretary said that the so called Syrian opposition has underestimated the public support enjoyed by the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

In an interview with the magazine Prospects, Thornberry, a senior official in the British Labor party, pointed out that Assad does not suffer overwhelmunpopularity about which the so called Syrian opposition told the west at the outset.

The Syrian President would have been there in office to date unless he had such a vast and deep support, she added. The shadow foreign secretary affirmed that the foreign forces, including Britain, which hasstruck Isis targets as well as sites of the Syrian army, need to leave the country.

“They’re not fighting for the sake of the Syrian people”, she said.

She also suggested the UK should back peace talks overseen by Russia in Sochi. “I think we should be working with whatever works, for the sake of the Syrian kids,” she said.Ms.

Thornberry refused to denounce Russia for vetoing 11 UN Security Council resolutions, saying: “you should look at the number of resolutions America has blocked, I mean that’s the way of politics.”

Source: The Independent



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