New secrets reveal dirty operations for Marines in Syria and Iraq

Secret documents have been revealed about the involvement of US naval forces in dirty operations on Syrian and Iraqi territory, and these documents were published by “Business Insider” which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, and were titled ” untold stories” .

The site published three  citations that the US government never talked about due to  purely political reasons related to the confidentiality of the way in which America handles other countries’ crisis.

the first citation according to the website was about the killing of three senior soldiers from “Marine Raiders”  between January to July 2016 during their operations inside Syrian and Iraqi territory, that happened under Obama’s term  ,although President Barack Obama and Pentagon leaders often explained that the battle against ISIS was being waged “by and through” regional partners, with U.S. troops usually staying in the background safely behind the lines but it turned out to be false.

The documents also revealed the(“dirty operations” as described by the above-mentioned site, carried out by the “Marine Raiders” in that period from organizing negotiations or having direct contact with a number of “ISIS” leaders. In the second citation, Business Insider said that US was conducting “dirty ops” where it was ostensibly fighting ISIS , while actually it was conducting “support ops” for pro-American groups and negotiating with the leaders of this terrorist organization) according to the description used by the documents and supported by the site.

Business Insider also talked about the support of Peshmerga forces, where the Marines carried out secret ops that confirmed their support for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq with accurate machine-gun fire, recoilless rifles, and mortars to help them in their conflict with forces of the Iraqi government. Although Mosul was then besieged by  ISIS, and despite Washington’s support for these Kurdish forces, it abandoned them at the first crossroads.

In the third citation , the site talked about the murder of o a soldier from the Marine Raiders when the force was encountered by snipers from ISIS during the process of supporting and training forces of the Syrian opposition. And this , once again, illustrates  the subversive role that Washington has practiced and still practicing in Syria. Unfortunately, some parties in this country trust the United States to discover then that their country has been completely destroyed for a punch of illusion painted by America.

Source: al- Waqt



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