The Wise Worm

Did you know that the worm that appears in the picture which is named (leech) or (Hirudo medicinalis / medicinal leech) which people despise, is sold in Germany at high prices and they call it “the wise worm”.

In spite the fact that it is almost rare to be found in Germany, people in our countries tend to kill it. Leech is usually found in water, as medical reports revealed that leeches which breed in water such as wells and rivers has become more valuable in the treatment of chronic diseases to the extent that it has become high-priced because of its medical importance.

Thus, what are the benefits of leech and why it is named the wise worm?

It was named the wise worm because it has proven its ability to treat medical cases in which physicians decided to carry out amputation of the infected limb.

The worm is placed on the patient’s body, and then it moves until it reaches the infected limb where it makes a cut in the skin and sucks fester, purulent, and damaged cells out of it.

After that, the “wise worm” secretes a substance that kills harmful bacteria in the infected limb, and it does not leave until it clears the limb completely by secreting plasma that prevents bleeding.



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