Be Positive

Once upon a time, a Japanese Emperor used to flip a coin before he launches a war. If the coin landed on the head side, he used to tell his soldiers “we will achieve victory”, and if the coin landed on the tail side, he used to tell them “we will be defeated”.

However, strangely enough this man had always gotten a head when he tossed the coin, and soldiers used to fight forcefully until they achieve victory.

Years passed and the emperor achieved great victories. After that, the emperor got older and in his last moments while he was dying, to him came his son, who will succeed the emperor, and said: “Father, would you grant me that coin in order to follow your path and continue achieving victories.”

The emperor took the coin out of his pocket and gave it to his son. The son looked at the first side of the coin and it was a head, and when flipped it he was completely shocked to find that the other side of the coin is head too.

He told his father: “You were deceiving people all these years, what shall I tell them now, my father the hero is a deceiver?” the emperor replied: “I have never deceived anyone, this is life, when we fight a battle we have two choices; the first one is to gain victory and the second one is to gain victory too.”

* When you think of defeat, you will be defeated, and when you think of victory, you will definitely achieve it. We do not overcome the hardships of life with luck only, but with our trust in God and free will.



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