Zionist panic and horror with all eyes to the north..

There is a popular Syrian idiom that says ” to be afraid is the punishment you deserve”, it’s close in meaning to Karma and used to express the  frightened person who is waiting in fear the payback of his enemies , and this is exactly the case of the Zionist entity these days, the fear of  the axis of resistance’s revenge after the bombing of the T4 military airport is currently reaching a kind of obsession there.

In this context Israeli Channel II broadcasted a detailed report on the possibility of infiltration into military bases or settlements, beside it said that the Zionist army is on high alert in anticipation of any response in the north, military experts estimate that the axis of resistance will respond to the targeting of the T4 airport, The Zionist home front tried to ease this horror and issued instructions to the people of the north to continue their business as usual assuring them that in case any strike was implemented it will only target military targets, but does such words ease the popular tension !!

The second channel added that the expected strike is the main subject talked about among the people of the north who are looking for possible shelters.

The municipalities also began to examine the readiness of safe rooms and shelters that are not opened yet to avoid further panic. Zionist intelligence said in a report that the response will include launching rockets from Syria towards the Zionist entity, and that the response is very soon , especially that Hezbollah – the victorious in the parliamentary elections- will be a partner in this response by targeting Israel with rockets.

What happened in the parliamentary elections in Lebanon has aroused the madness of Israel, as the resistance movement exceeded  the most pessimistic expectations in Tel Aviv.

This fear was confirmed by Ha’aretz, where its military analyst Amos Harel said: “The response will be as strong as the Zionist attacks that took place in Syria.”

Will this panic and terror push the leaders of the Zionist entity to commit any foolishness that will accelerates the end of their alleged entity … Let us wait and see ..

Source: Syrian Facts



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