“Greater Middle East” How Did It Emerge? And What Does It Mean?

Before we talk about the term “GreaterMiddle East,” we should first know the meaning of the term “Middle East” which we hear very frequently without knowing what is meant by it, its history or meaning.

We should know why it was called “East” and why it was called “Middle”, why was not it called, for example, the Left East or the Right East? According to whom it was called “Middle”?

Origin of the term: to simplify the issue, we refer to the fact that the term “Middle East” dates back to the early twentieth century.

It was called the Middle East in the official documents of the first occupiers; The English, and then the Americans.

They used this term to refer to the area that includes the Arab states. So, the word “East” is used to indicate that it is located to the east of the western world, and the word “Middle” is used because it is in the middle of this east that extends from China and India in the Fareast to the Arab Maghreb states in the west.

This term include the 22 current Arab states, in addition to Turkey, Iran and Israel. The concept of the “Middle East” was not actually referring to a certain geographical area, but it was based on the colonization policies’ view of Europe as a “center” or “a pole of attraction” for the world located outside the “Middle East.”

When the Zionists first began planning to usurp Palestine, they used theterm “Middle East”because it’s a broad and inclusive term that facilitates including the name of Israel in it.

It also contributes to erasing the Arab identity of the area;therefore, it is a colonial term!

Evidences indicating that “Middle East” is a colonial term:

1- Theodor Herzl; founder of the Zionist movement, called in his diary for the necessity of establishing a Middle Eastern commonwealth in which the Jews’ state would have an active position and leading economic role.

2- Syrian experts in Israeli literature, Dr. Mohammad Tawfik AlSawaf, noticed that the Jews of America and Britain promoted the idea of the Middle East in the American and British political and public circles.

3- This term appeared in the document issued by the Jews Union which called for including Palestine in a Middle Eastern broad federation.

4- The concept of the Middle East was used in a political mannerby the European occupying forces during WWI. Broad Middle East is a term written and directed by the Conservative Christian Right Wing Party in America.This party took advantage of the 11th of September attacks to create a complete geographical and political plan for the Arab region.

This plan aims to obliterate the cultural and civilizational constituentson which the Arab and Islamic world is based. This area that shares the same language and religion will be dissolved in a broader geographic area that extends from Caspian Sea and north Caucasus on the south and east to Moroccoon the west.

That is the origin of the term “Broad Middle East” which was proposed by the American president,George Bush, among the so-called plans for political and economic reformation of the Arab and Islamic states to prevent them from exporting violence and terrorism resulted from the lack of democracy in these states to the west, asthe bombings that happened in New york.

Source: “mini-facts.com”



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