Israel Lost theFirst Battle againstthe Syrian Missiles

By Dr. Jameel M. Shaheen

This is the first experience of its kind for the Israeli occupation army against the Syrians’ since the October war. After the Israeli attack on Syrian military sitesnear Al-Kiswah, the Syrian air defense responded immediately, which is something that Tel Aviv did not take into account.

The supporters of Israel were shocked and the Syrian missile attack caused a complete failure in the system of the wireless and electronic telecommunications across Golan. The missiles hit the targetedsites with an accuracy of 60% despite the activation of the Iron Dome, which proved to be useless.

The Zionists loss in numbers: despite the media blackout, FirilCenter confirms, according to its sources, thatat least three Israeli soldiers were killed in addition to an Israeli general, and more than 25 others were injured. It is sufficient to know that more than 40 ambulances arrived at the military centers. The Syrian defenses responded to the Israeli fighters flying above the occupied Golan and Lebanon, and the Syrian missiles fell in Hebbariyehand QabbIlyas in Lebanon and south of Safad near Amyad settlement.

According to the Russian ministry of defense, Israel had launched 60 missiles from 28 fighters that participated in the attack, in addition to launching 10 surface-to-surface missiles. The Syrian defenses shot down more than half of these missiles, which means that they are better than the Israeli defenses.

The Israeli army expanded the range and number of its targets, and targeted the Syrian defenses in five locations, which prove that it was the Syrian army who attacked Israel not Iran. Iran is used as pretext by Israel in court of the public and domestic opinion to justify its barbaric actions, while its primary target is the Syrian army not the limited presence of Iran.

Where is the military situation leading? Israel was shocked and it is reconsidering its options now. However, the history of Tel Aviv and its supporter Washington indicates that Israel is going to continue its adventure until the last of its settlers. Israel is now preparing the home front practically and psychologically from north to south, restructuring its fragile lines of defense destroyed by the Syrian missiles in Golan and then preparing for the next round which will be after the ceremonies of relocating the American embassy.

Israel and its agents in the Gulf have lost the first experimental missile attack. Moreover, Syria has delivered a serious message to Israel that “we can easily destroy your defense lines in Golan.”

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