Golan begins the liberation journey

By: Naram Sargon

I know very well that neither I nor any of you cares a lot to hear the statements of Israeli commentators, nor the statements of Avichai Ezerai nor Netanyahu’s shows … as you and I know that Netanyahu is going through a hard time because of his misjudgments..he regrets that he launched the Syrian revolution project with his Western allies in order to destroy the last danger to the future of Israel represented by the Syrian citadel .. he finds himself now face to face with the danger that was supposed to have ended and died since 2011…

There is no doubt that Netanyahu, who was asleep at dawn, woke up on the sounds of urgent calls and on the sounds of people panicking while telling him the news of a Syrian attack on the Golan ..

I do not doubt that his wife Sara came went down to the shelter with her American passport in case of any surprise … Netanyahu, along with his Western partners, drew up the Arab Spring project so that he could get rid of the last enemies and demolish the last castles, ie, the enemy coming from the north, the Syrian army.

But Netanyahu found himself face-to-face with the nightmare that he made the whole Syrian revolution to avoid meeting or fighting it, The Golan, whose guns were silent for 50 years as the Islamists used to say , began the liberation journey with 70 rockets, and anyone who thinks things will go back to the way it was before must be very naïve. The Israelis will dream of going back to those days when they were skiing in the Golan Heights ,climbing its mountains , sitting in cafes … and watching the Sea of Galilee from the Golan… of course Netanyahu is aware of this bitter truth, because the Golan front will turn into a model for southern Lebanon so soon .. not to mention that all attempts by Israel to deter the Syrian resistance and their allies have failed ..

And here is the army, which Israel intended to reduce and kill by using terrorists, suicide bombers and dissidents and  wanted to destroy its air force and missile and turn what remains of it into a band of military shows…

This army, which the Israelis thought they had buried in the battles of Aleppo, ISIS, and Al-Nusra,  here is it shows at dawn  knocking the barricades of the Golan, where the Israelis are hiding frightened in the shelters…how naïve  is he who thinks that things will go back to the way it was before , or that  the Golan will remain silent after this day .

The journey towards freedom has started in the Golan .. And I will invite myself to a cup of coffee at the highest peak in the Golan in the  near future.. the whole world is waiting for our fall at each hour thinking that we will hand over the keys of the Levant or will open the doors of the east for invaders … but we see our victory crystal clear and we almost  feel like we are hiding in the cave with  prophet Muhammad ( pace upon him) while stray dogs running behind us, and almost hear his voice assuring us and saying: “don’t be sad God is on our side”, just like when we saw the ” long – bearded” men riding the green buses and when we saw Syrian flags flying in the liberated squares, we were sure back then that our missiles will land in Golan…it was a dream that used to make haters laugh but we insisted on sharing this dream the same way we shared the suffering, the defeats, the death, the hunger and the cold, I remember that back then I wrote with no hesitation that the next election program for President Assad would be the end of the Golan occupation after defeating terrorism… today you will see what you have dreamed of yesterday… you will not wait for long …because the spider’s net is really very weak now and starting to shake…



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