By: Rowad

On the15 of may 1948  whıch ıs known the Nakba day, more than 800 thousand of palestınıans were forcıbly dısplaced, by zıonısts , from their indigenous towns and cıtıes ınto the west  bank  and Gaza strıp to neıghborıng Arab Countrıes and other countrıes of the world .

since then the zıonısts have been commıttıng heınous massacres  agaınst  the palestınıan people wıth the aım of perpetuatıng the ısraelı occupatıon of the palestınıan terrıtorıes and oblıteratıng the repatrıatıon rıght of the palestınıan refugees to their ındıgenous homeland .

The Zionist criminal record includes scores of savage massacres against the defenceless Palestinians . the Zionist gangs confiscated 775 towns and villages and destroyed 535 palestinian towns and villages during the Nakba.

the atrocities of israeli zionists also included over 70 massacres in which 15 thousand palestinians were killed by zionist terrorist gangs .

the zionist terrorist paramilitaries carried out massacres and forced expulsions , including the infamous massacre of Palestinian men, women , and children in the village of deir yassin in April 1948.

The lsraeli military continued to carry out a campaign of uprooting and expelling the indigenous Palestinian people forcing Palestinians to flee their homes and land .Altogether Israel expelled more than 80 percent of the Palestinian population . razed of nearly 400 Palestinian villages.

On the 15 of l\/lay 2018 , the US took the provocative decision of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem .

The moving of US embassy to Jerusalem is grave development  that puts Washington on the same side as” occupation” and the violation of international law.

But the Palestinian will not be subjugated by the racist Zionist measures and will press ahead With their struggle until the achievement of their noble rights, especially the right of return and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state With Jerusalem as its capital.

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