When Syrians dared to talk

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi

Writing is a trust. Yet it is not always at hand. If you were asked to write, you might be able to do so on spot and you might not be able to do so. This, in itself, something that should be subject to a special study and contemplation.

But what has happened and is still happening in Syria has become a preoccupation for all political and non-political thinkers all the time.

For quite a long while now, I have been wondering, just as many others like me, as to what lies beneath this much of US-Zion-Bedouin-Takfiri  hate against Syria.

Why do all of those hold such deep dark grudge against Syria? There must be a reason for it.  No doubt, it could not have come out of blue for no reason.

There must be something behind it. No doubt.

Back to the realm of US politics. A book written by the former US Senator Paul Findley with the title:”They Dare to Speak Out: People and  Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby” was a sensation when published for the first time in the 1980s of last century.

Ghazi al-Qusaybi, a former Saudi poet,  diplomat and Minister who served at several high government positions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  translated this important best-seller book when the Saudi King sacked him from his post at the helm of the Health Ministry   in the 1980s of last century.  Al-Qusaybi was put to trial in Saudi Arabia for daring to translate the book, which was published in Arabic with the title:  “Who dares to Speak out”.

In spite of his adverse  attitude and unfriendly standpoints towards Syria, al-Qusaybi should be credited for the translation of this important book.

In his book, Paul Findley exposed the pervasive influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US. According to his revelation, the Zionists  are ruling the US, which in turn rules the world. No one dares to defy this most influential Lobby.

Both the Republicans and Democrats as well as the Blacks Lobby are fully under the influence of the Zionist Lobby. The author then moves on to talk about world countries and the leaders of these  countries.

He says that the greater majority of these leaders, including Arab Leaders, are too weak to defy any US order or dictate. The author, however, singles out the immortal Syrian Leader President Hafez Assad.

He says that he was the only Arab leader who dares to speak out and embarrass the US, because they have nothing to blackmail him with. He was a man of  noble values and moral qualities. Hence, he stems his strength from his integrity, honesty, unlimited love for his homeland and his people. Paul Findley saw that he was the only Arab leader that America cannot take lightly.

He was the only one to care for the building up of  his country and to fortify the foundation structures of the state to be a very modern one.

Therefore, Syrians would continue to dare speaking out against America, thanks to the policies pursued and enforced by President Hafez Assad.

Years passed by and we have now Assad II  marching along the same path with every conceivable confidence, determination, willingness and smartness. For the past seven to eight years now into this war,  he has navigated the way through rough seas and thanks to the steadfastness of the great Syrian people and Army who rallied round his wise leadership, he managed to lead them to victory.

Hence, Findley’s question has been reversed and one should ask instead: “Who are you, ZioUSEuro, to speak out? Assad is an unmatched Arab Leader.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts



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