Will the Countries’ Revenues of Computers, Internet and Chips be more than the Revenues of Oil??!!

Did you know that 90 percent of people have a Samsung device and do not know anything about Samsung?

Information not known by 99 % of people; I have not known that theKorean corporation “Samsung” built,as a subcontractor, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s greatest building.

It has built the Twin Towers in Malaysia, the world’s tallest towers (twin towers).

I have thought the Korean corporation “Samsung” was just a manufacturer of mobile phones, washing machines, televisions and sometimes big fridges.

Coincidence led me to what I can say about: I am quite surprised. I recently discovered that Samsung means in the “Korean language”: “The Three Stars * * * “. When it was founded in 1938, It was just a shop for selling vegetables.

Today, Samsung manufactures vehicles, jet engines, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and all electric appliances that come up toyour mind. It even manufactureswatches with Swiss-technology in some of its departments.

Samsung has something we have never known before. It has 80 types of business in 60 countries including:

  • Samsung universities and schools, animal parks, children’s park, hospitals, treatment centers and hotels.
  • Samsung manufactures Oil tankers which are the largest and cheapest in the world.
  • Tourist resorts and clothing company called “Fubu”.
  • For information, Samsung annually donates $ 100 million for nonprofit medical researches. However, in this strange world there is always something different behind the full beauty.
  • This kingdom-like corporation owns a renowned company called “Slogan” that manufactures tanks “K9” used by the South Korean army.
  • Samsung” produces unmanned combat drones.
  • Samsung” has centers for genetic research which pose high risks.
  • Samsung” produces control robots used by armies and has the ability to identify and eliminate targets. This robot is the one who decides whether it is permissible to kill you or not, according to the metal you carry on your body, such as a rifle.
  • Samsung” is the manufacturer of all the electronic chips used by the US”Apple Macintosh”, including the “iPhone”. (For those who do not know, Apple Macintosh systems are used in designing the vast majority of the American weapons).
  • Today Samsung has 490,000 employees, equivalent to the employees of Google, Apple Macintosh and Microsoft combined together.
  • The annual income of the corporation is $ 300 billionapproximately. This clothing company was established in 1995 with an amount of $ 2 million only. Today, this company generates $ (2) billion dollars annually!! ..

The world witnessestremendous mutations and becomes the companies turn into empires

It is a matter of awareness … It is a matter of training … It is a matter of education with multiculturalism and acceptance of the other. This is how to benefit from the successful experiences.

  • Source:aroodah642.blogspot



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