Terrorism is the arm of colonial aggressors

By Dr. Ahmad al-Haj Ali

Arab Syria is the gem of the nation. It embodies the core qualities of vividness and resilience. And it stems its vigor from the deeply-rooted legacies of civilization being handed down from one generation to another. Through generations, the Syrian people have relentlessly held the ever-glowing beacon of noble values while repelling one wave of aggression after the other.

No wonder, therefore, to see that forces of aggression have mobilized such massive potentials and resources against the Syrian homeland.

They know what Syria means. They know that Syria has been and will always be the home of  thetrue defenders of  rightful Arab and humanitarian rightful causes. They know that Syria is the beacon of hope for the entire Arab world, the entire region and the world at large. In spite of the  ferocity of the aggression,  the beams of light continued to shine ever brighter.

Syria’s light has never faded away nor will it ever do, even when the ferocity of aggression was at its highest pitch. Whenever the ferocity of aggression gets fiercer, the Syrian homeland soon reactivates all necessary potentials to ward off the coordinated aggression.  National, political, popular and all other means of  freedom-fighting means get well in place to gather momentum and fend off the hostilities.

It might be noteworthy, in this context, to point out how two key elements have resurfaced lately featuring one of the chronic elements of the age-old pattern of aggression against Syria. The frist one was represented by the wide-spread elements of terrorist proxies embedded in such a vast areas allover the Syrian territories. These elements have been deliberately connected to enemy command centers  along the borders and the peripheries.

There have been  obvious links and close collaboration between these terrorist elements and the Zionist entity as well as some not so hidden links with the  Jordanian regime.

On the northern frontiers, the terrorists maintained close collaboration with the hostile Turkish circles led by Erdogan. Over and above, there has been a suspicious role entrusted to some lackey forces in sisterly Lebanon.

One can easily  observe the link up between all these  hostile forces with some known functional regimes in the Gulf region, such as those of Al Saud, Al Thani, Al Nahyan and many other artificial “Al’s” who rear their heads at specific  junctures to perform the roles assigned to them.

Topping it all, the trio of aggression, namely the US, the UK and France,  overtly waged an overt act of aggression against Syria.

It would be out of question to ask as to how or what this alliance of aggression belongs to or what  objectives does it serve.

As the Syrian Arab Army  presses ahead with uprooting the last remnants of terrorist gangs from the southern parts of the Syrian capital of Damascus, especially in al-Hajar al-Aswad and the Yarmouk neighborhoods, the picture gets crystal clear. Syria is marching triumphantly along the path of rooting out the hidden lanes of colonial aggression in as much as it is steadily defeating and uprooting the remnants of terrorists.



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