Do not judge a book by its cover

Once upon a time a couple went to the zoo to have some fun, The wife stood in front of the monkeys’ cage and was very impressed by the monkey that was fondling his wife and playing with it, and the two looked so happy and relaxed together, the wife said to her husband : ” look at these two monkeys ; oh such a nice happy couple”.

Soon after the wife passed by the cage of the lions and saw that the lion was sitting calmly away from his lioness and not playing with it , and the atmosphere inside their cage seemed boring and blue , thus the wife said to her husband : “what a miserable couple!  They don’t seem to love each other or have fun with each other”.

But the wise husband said to his wife: ” dear wife, don’t judge a book by its cover , as appearances are always deceptive ” and he wanted to proof this reality to her; so he threw the bottle of water that he had into the lions’ cage , and threw another one in the monkeys’ cage  so the wife could see the reaction of each animal… when the lioness touched the bottle of water, the lion rushed to save its lioness, on the other hand in the monkeys’ cage , the monkey ran away and left its female alone…only then the wife saw the truth , her husband said: ” human are like this too , so don’t rush in your judgment and don’t be fooled by appearances, as what a human is made of will show best when it is under pressure ; and only then you can decide which is true love and which is a fading false feeling of love..



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