Assad-Putin in the pre-final phase of the war on Syria

By Zeid M. Hashem

Damascus and its countryside are now totally free from terrorism. This means the fall of the Zio-US plot after eight long years of this war waged against Syria. The war on Syria has gone through various patterns of conspiracies and a chain of inter-connected links of alternative schemes. All of these schemes have been foiled one by one thanks to the prudence of the Syrian leadership and the solid support of Syria’s allies. And Syria now is in a midway victory.

But what a “midway victory” really means?

The significant military gain attained by liberating central Syria contributesto  stabilizationefforts and helps restoring normal life to  major Syrian governorates and cities. This would subsequently allow for embarking on the task of rehabilitating the damaged areas as a first step down the path of overall rebuilding and reconstruction, within the framework of forthcoming investment plans.

According to Firil Center, about 81 % of the Syrian territories are now liberated. These are the most densely populated areas of the country. This means that the greater majority of the Syrian people are now living in the government-held areas and are enjoying its protection.

But the military accomplishment alone is not enough. For each and every military gain, there must be a political umbrella to protect it and fortify it. Hence comes the significance of the Russian role with its diplomatic and military weight.

President Putin made it clear that Moscow would continue to send its striking naval forces to the Syrian shores. According to some estimates a total of 120 vessels of the Russian fleet would be deployed off the Syrian coasts. The  number of  120 naval vessels is a large force. Such a sizeable naval deployment tells about Syria’s significance for Russia and shows how much Moscow is interested in Syria.

Just recently, President Assad met with President Putin to plan for the next period. Following the meeting, it was officially announced that time has come for the political process to be launched. This means that any political process would proceed in line with the common vision of Damascus and Moscow and according to their own conditions.

President Putin also made it clear that all foreign forces illegally present on the Syrian territories without the consent of Damascus should leave. Washington is now certain that its terrorists are doomed and would surely be defeated. Therefore it tries to secure the evacuation of battle-hardened fighters and well-trained terrorist leaders out of Syria to be deployed somewhere else, perhaps in some other neighboring regional fronts.

The remnants of terrorists, who have been deployed to Northern Syria, the Euphrates basin areas as well as the southern base of At Tanf, are being re-grouped and re-assembled  in some specific areas so that the US would continue to have an excuse for its illegal  presence and would continue to claim that its  forces are still there to fight ISIS.

That is why they are trying to rebrand their proxy terrorists of Jaish al-Islam and SDF. These proxies are being now re-produced as some sort of ‘anti-terrorist’ fighters. This is a ruse to integrate them into the political process. The same thing applies to Turkey. Turkey is trying to float its proxy terrorists  deployed within the so-called  Euphrates Shield and/or Olive Branch forces in Idleb and other areas in northern Syria. By deploying them to the fight against Jabhat al-Nusra, Turkey is trying to portray them as some sort of “anti-terror” groups.

Idleb might be the gateway for a potential political arrangement being worked out to allow for the eventual political settlement. The stumbling point in this process might be the separatists, if Washington continued to support them.

But the Syrian Arab Army can not wait for concurrences that may take years to be worked out. Instead, it would engage in Idleb battle at several fronts.

This goes in line with the Astana agreement, which is in fact a document of the surrender of the terrorists worked out through a tacit understanding with Ankara in exchange for dealing a blow to the separatist Kurdish project,  yet leaving the door ajar for some of these “Kurdish”  groups to get engaged in the political process through some certain  settlements with the Syrian Arab Army. SDF’s presence depends wholly on the presence of the US and French Armies. Once these masters leave, SDF would automatically collapse.

Washington now is busy airlifting thousands of  ISIS terrorists to relocate them to Iraq, where it plans to ignite flames of confrontation with Iran at its exact borders.

That it why, the US might be trying to delegate the task of SDF sponsorship to weak Paris.

Anyway,  it is the victor who would dictate the conditions of the appropriate solution, leaving for the rivals a reasonably cosmetic  margin for a face-saving exit options and modalities to defuse tension and eventually end the war.

Once the war drew to close and foreign forces pull out, Russia would stay because it has a long-term treaty and because it is a key and essential guarantor acceptable to all internal and external parties.

So, yes, we started to  enter into the pre-final phase of the war on Syria.

Translated into English from an Arabic piece run by website.

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