The Perpetrator Pretends to be The Victim: The United States Complains about The Syrian War Against it?!

The Commander of Special Operations Command in The US Army, General Raymond Thomas,  complained about Syria and its allies extensive use of the means of cyber warfare against “AC-130″ aircrafts that aids the American ground forces units and that’s during a colloquium held in Florida. Thomas highlighted that ” We are currently in Syria’s most aggressive cyber warfare environment imposed by our enemies,” he added reluctantly,” they are testing our endurance on a daily basis by disabling our communications and disrupting our “AC-130″ aircrafts.”

According to The Military Times Journal translated by the “Syrian Arab Army Heroism” website, “Thomas requested from the congress to allocate 13.6 billion dollars to cover the activities of The Special Operations Command of The American Armed Forces, which is the largest amount in the American Special Forces history.” 70 thousands of the American Special Forces members are at the command of General Raymond Thomas including those known as The Green Beret Army, Delta Forces and Navy Seals.



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