Daily Archives: Thursday June 14th, 2018

The Senior Reporter of the Fourth British Television Network Reveals the Truth about Armed Groups in Syria

Alex Thomson, the seniorreporter of the fourth British Television Network revealed, by evidence and proof,the truth about dozens of extremists and “bearded men” who were allegedly called rebels. Six years ago,Alex Thomson,the senior reporter of the Fourth British Television Network,, revealed by evidence and proof that dozens of the extremists and “bearded men”, who were called rebels back then, committed ...

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A Syrian amazes Sweden by inventing a unique material that scientists have been working on it in vain for decades

Swedish newspapers and scientific sites reported on the ability of a Syrian researcher  to develop” graphene” substance so it can be used for many industrial purposes , after that was difficult for so long. According to “STRN” Swedish site, the Syrian researcher (Maamoun Taher), who works at the Swedish University “Uppsala”, was able to invent a new generation of graphene ...

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