A Syrian amazes Sweden by inventing a unique material that scientists have been working on it in vain for decades

Swedish newspapers and scientific sites reported on the ability of a Syrian researcher  to develop” graphene” substance so it can be used for many industrial purposes , after that was difficult for so long.

According to “STRN” Swedish site, the Syrian researcher (Maamoun Taher), who works at the Swedish University “Uppsala”, was able to invent a new generation of graphene prevents its conversion to “graphite.”

The Syrian researcher was able to develop a substance called ” Aros Graphene” which inhibits the adhesion of micro components of graphene when forming breaks that permeate those components and thus can be used in many industries.

For decades, scientists have been unable to solve the graphene problem as when Graphene is reproduced, the microscopic components of the substance attach to each other, losing their unique properties, most notably flexibility and rigidity at the same time.

Maamoun Taher is a researcher at the chemistry department at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, as well as being the CEO of Graphmatech ; an emerging company in the field of scientific research.

Graphene is unique in the chemistry world and has properties that do not belong to any other material. It can be made more hard than diamonds, or softer than rubber, and it delivers electricity and heat better than any other material.

The graphene thickness is estimated to be less than one million times the normal paper thickness, and it requires a very accurate microscope to see its honeycomb-like components, a black and shiny substance.

Despite these unique properties of graphene, scientists have not been able to harness it in industry, and have been counting on its entry into many products and processes in the future.

Source: alalam.ir



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