The Senior Reporter of the Fourth British Television Network Reveals the Truth about Armed Groups in Syria

Alex Thomson, the seniorreporter of the fourth British Television Network revealed, by evidence and proof,the truth about dozens of extremists and “bearded men” who were allegedly called rebels. Six years ago,Alex Thomson,the senior reporter of the Fourth British Television Network,, revealed by evidence and proof that dozens of the extremists and “bearded men”, who were called rebels back then, committed a heinous massacre in the town of Akrab in the countryside of Hama which claimed the lives of dozens of innocents just because they were supporters of President Assad.

This time, Thomsonwent to Hadar town in the countryside of Quneitra where he prepared an extended report of five and a half minutes.

Thomson didn’t mention the term “opposition fighters” in his report, but he called them Al-Nusra extremist fighters. He said that Israel is providing support to Al-Qaeda in the countryside of Quneitra, and he came to this fact by depending on the testimonies made by the people living in the town who said that they saw the Israeli patrols helping the extremist fighters reach one of the mountains overlooking Hadar and that in the last battle that took place in November.

In his report, Thomson said that people found out that the armed groups do not want freedom, they want extremist radicalism. At the end of his report, Thomson stood close to the separation line and said “here, Syrians have been separated from Syrians for half a century;” a reference used by Thomson to the Israeli occupation.

By: Kamel Sakr

Sorce: “Syria Now”


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