Daily Archives: Saturday June 16th, 2018

A Palmyrene talisman on a Roman turkey’s snood

By Assad Zaytoun   In his valuable study entitled: “An intellectual-historical approach to the spirituality and the specific characteristics of the ancient Arab Orient Civilization – Palmyra as an example”, Dr. Bashar Khuleif wrote: In the year 129 AD, the Roman Emperor Adrian visited Palmyra and endowed on the city the title of “the Free City”. This has exempted the ...

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Seven Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Day

Mental strength takes time to develop just like any other skill. There are common signs that play an important role in building one’s mental strength. Since we know what mentally strong people do not do from the psychotherapist “Amy Morin” who wrote a book entitled “13 Things Mentally Strong People Do Not Do”, (Business Insider) website asked the author of ...

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