Seven Things Mentally Strong People Do Every Day

Mental strength takes time to develop just like any other skill.

There are common signs that play an important role in building one’s mental strength.

Since we know what mentally strong people do not do from the psychotherapist “Amy Morin” who wrote a book entitled “13 Things Mentally Strong People Do Not Do”, (Business Insider) website asked the author of the book about the daily habits and practices that lead mentally strong people to develop their mental and intellectual powers. “Morin” mentioned a long list, including the following:

  1. They monitor their emotions: mentally strong people understand how their emotions can influence their thinking. Therefore, they balance their emotions with logic in an effort to make the best possible decisions. They monitor their emotions throughout the day in order not to influence their thoughts and behavior.

  2. They practice realistic optimism: having a positive outlook all the time is impossible, and too much negativity is counterproductive. Mentally strong people understand that their thoughts are not always true, so they strive to reframe them in a way that put away exaggerated negative thoughts.

  3. They try to solve their problems: instead of making excuses and complaining from other people, mentally strong people always try to evaluate what went wrong and fix it.

  4. They manage their time wisely: mentally strong people describe time as a finite resource, so they try to use it in a meaningful way. They focus most of their time on more productive activities and reject to waste their time on unproductive activities.

  5. They strive to achieve their goals: successfully achieving your goals in life takes a long time. Therefore, mentally strong people focus on making decisions relatively easily because they move according to their values, priorities, and the options that might have an impact on their future and the goals they seek to achieve.

  6. They seek to develop their skills: whereas some people seek to boast their special talents, mentally strong people rarely care to draw other people’s attention. However, they try to develop their skills to become better.

  7. They assess their progress: mentally strong people do not fear acknowledging their mistakes. They rather try to learn from them. Instead of making excuses for their mistakes or failures, mentally strong people move forward towards achieving their goals.

Source: “Business Insider”      



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