The fall of The King of Judah on the walls of Canaan

By: Naram Sargon

You will not learn humility and pragmatism except from those who rose up and then fell those who ached while their wings were breaking are the best to know about humility and apology ,beside they appreciate walking on the ground instead on the clouds ..and the best who can teach crocodiles about pragmatism in life are the foxes who when they don’t find anything to eat they chew grass, clover and corn instead of chewing meat and slicing bones… the occasion of this speech is that I admit that I learned from Netanyahu, the foxy who has a mouth full of fangs, a lesson in pragmatism, a lesson in forced landing, tactical withdrawal, and the use of fangs to gnaw herbs…as the man we remember seven years ago raised his ambitions to a place that none of the kings of the Israelites dreamed of in all the myths of the Torah or  the Talmudic stories.

This man , seven years ago ,didn’t accept anything less than the fall of Damascus and the break up Syria, just like the fall of Baghdad, a fall that had an incomparable taste in the mouths of the (from the Euphrates to the Nile borders, Israel) group..

Netanyahu would not accept any offer in Syria except  that Assad must leave.  Just like the eyes of the biblical people looked to Baghdad as Babylon, they looked at Assad as the king of Canaan… and the arrogant Netanyahu was distributing Syria  as gifts and rewards to his agents.

That how Netanyahu was, meeting a thousand times a day with his government to put tough conditions daily… Once he wants us to assign Zahran Alloush as prime minister… other he can only accept Abu Muhammad al-Julani as the defense minister in the transitional government with broad powers…then he recommends Faisal al-Qasim as president of the transitional republic.

This Netanyahu was always standing on the Golan Heights, watching us with his binoculars and counting the remaining meters for the arrival of the “Mossad rebels” to the Presidential Palace to raise the Israeli flag on Qasioun, as a pay back from the revolution to Israel that gifted them its support in their struggle for freedom…and on his way back home, he passes by the wounded ” revolutionary ” men whom he was

preparing to escort him in his first visit as a “Judah King” to Damascus ; the city that the Torah was always afraid of and always hoping for its destruction as the prophecy  says (See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.) Netanyahu was sending planes every day to fly over “the land of Canaan” not believing that he came out of the cage where Israel was placed..a cage that was made by the Syrian missiles and air defenses…a cage that was destroyed by the factions of the South ,of the Ghouta, Gaish al- Islam , al-Nusra front and everyone who killed in the name of God…till no rockets nor slings was left in Syria after the supposed-to-be revolutionary men ate them with their hands and nails..wetted their beards with its blood and scattered its gunpowder on their moustaches…

This stingy Netanyahu was never tired of telling all opposition delegations his condition in order to stop the attack of suicide bombers and mortars from al-Ghouta on Damascus or his Hellfire guns on Aleppo ..his only conditions were pushing Iran back beyond the Tigris, and holding Hezbollah in Saudi  “Hariri” cages in the south of Lebanon ..

After all this vanity and insanity, this Judah king fell… and started sending his messengers daily to stop this war at this point or that…for after he realized that victory was on the side of the Syrian Arab Army ; he tried to close a deal to hold things still so that Iran and Hezbollah would go out, and Assad in Damascus would shares the remaining power with the opposition…

But then he found that Assad forced the opposition to vomit what  they swallowed. The Judah king was surprised that the one who was brought out is the Army of Islam and al-Nusra front of all the Ghouta, the kalamoun and the center of Syria. The King changed his conditions slightly and modestly…he now wants things to go back to the way it were before the Arab spring and the beautiful times of UNDOF…with a tiny condition that Iran and Hezbullah step back from Syria “a little” .

Thus, the terms of the Israeli king, Netanyahu, who dreamed of being king of Canaan, are falling. today, he only wants Hezbollah  to move 20 miles to the north, with everything going back to what it was before.

If terrorism is defeated in the south in Daraa, as expected, 100%, perhaps Netanyahu’s only request will be limiting Hezbollah’s weapons in Syria to Katyusha rockets instead of large rockets, and not to open fire in the depth of Palestine but limiting the battle in the Golan Heights… But on the other hand, if we reviewed the positions of President al-Assad and the Syrian leadership since the beginning of the crisis, we find that the man said one word and did not budge from it .. and he is gradually approaching achieving it ..

Since the first day he said that terrorism is our enemy and the friend of Israel ;and we shall fight it and uproot it ..and he surly did.. Netanyahu’s humbleness and his forced landing on “retreat” fields are not out of some Torah rationality, but stem from the painful beatings on the head.. a humbleness that was watered with humiliation ..

This is what we used to call the famous “tactical withdrawal” that the supposed-to-be revolutionary men worked hard on it… If Netanyahu used to teach us pragmatism and humbleness, then he is now the one and only pragmatic teacher of  “tactical withdrawal”  and strategic humiliation.



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