Daily Archives: Tuesday June 19th, 2018

They Stood Up for its Principles, So God Granted Them Victory

By Dr. Ali Al Shuaibi The Syrian people have always wondered about the meaning of the principles of their army; Homeland, honor and devotion, the principles on which the Syrian soldier is raised. The oppressive war imposed on Syria has revealed the practical meaning of these principles; it showed that this great army established itself on the base of defending ...

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Series of Assassinations since the Beginning of 2018

(Eng. Hisham Salim Murad) a Lebanese student specialized in nuclear physics was assassinated in France on 28/02/2018. (Hasan Ali Kheir Eddin) a Lebanese student was assassinated in Canada on 25/02/2018 because of his PhD thesis that was about the Jewish dominance on world economy, and he was threatened before if he persisted in his research on the Jews. (Eng. Iman ...

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