Series of Assassinations since the Beginning of 2018

      • (Eng. Hisham Salim Murad) a Lebanese student specialized in nuclear physics was assassinated in France on 28/02/2018.

      • (Hasan Ali Kheir Eddin) a Lebanese student was assassinated in Canada on 25/02/2018 because of his PhD thesis that was about the Jewish dominance on world economy, and he was threatened before if he persisted in his research on the Jews.

      • (Eng. Iman Hussam Al-Rizzeh) a Palestinian genius, her dead body was found on 25/03/2018. She was a consultant in the field of chemistry and was blackmailed by an Israeli officer shortly before she was killed.

      • (Ph.D. Eng. Fadi Mohammad Al-Batesh) a Ph.D. Eng. in electrical engineering was assassinated on Saturday 21/04/2018 while he was heading to pray Al-Fajr in the Mosque in Malaysia. He received the awardof the best researcher in the Arab world.

# Assassination of minds

# Mossad



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