They Stood Up for its Principles, So God Granted Them Victory

By Dr. Ali Al Shuaibi

The Syrian people have always wondered about the meaning of the principles of their army; Homeland, honor and devotion, the principles on which the Syrian soldier is raised.

The oppressive war imposed on Syria has revealed the practical meaning of these principles; it showed that this great army established itself on the base of defending the Syrian land; the homeland of the Syrian people and their devoted Syrian Arab army.

If you look into the word, you’d find that it revolves around the place and residency, and it relies more on terminology where citizenship becomes cohabitation which is a newly coined term used to refer to the concept of citizen and homeland. The citizen represents the state in its three authorities; the legislative, executive and judiciary.

A set of rules organizes the relationship between these three authorities on the bases of homeland, citizen and citizenship. Thus, the Syrian Arab soldier has committed and sworn to protect the Syrian Homeland against any offender regardless of the cost of martyrs and blood.

Honor as a principle of the Syrian Arab army means that it has a rare and great quality that indicates the extent to which the people trust their army based on its actions and attitudes.

In this case, this word indicates the extent of the nobility of the Syrian Arab army, or the extent of its nobility defending the right of its people to live. For that right, the army has offered thousands and thousands of martyrs on the path of preserving the people, driven by its faith that everyone has the right to enjoy a decent, free and just life. From this principle, the army has also realized that honor is a set of good manners and it avoids the heinous acts.

As for devotion, it is a term that indicates the purity of will, to remain pure and devoted without any wavering or change in words and acts, and that is the key to victory. It’s also the key of God and people’s acceptance.

Thus, all the army’s actions and inactions to defend the homeland and its components are the same in private and in public without any impurities. Behold the greatness of these principles on which our loyal brave army was raised, see if those who betrayed the homeland has any of these principles, find the secret of these great victories achieved by our leading army and pray day and night for more victories for this army.



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