A message to Donald Trump..!

By: Adham Sharqawi

Mr. Donald Trump, Greetings: … God knows how much I prayed for you to win, and when you won even my wife came smiling to me and said:”  your buddy has won” , of course I would have voted for you ; not out of love- as I’m not that stupid-  but because I know very well that you are an obvious ” devious ” person whom what is in his heart is on his tongue, not a diplomat like the cunning sneak ” Hillary” ! I wanted you to win so my people can see the ugly real face of USA, as I’m from a nation if was told by Hillary: “Go to hell you nice people!” would have said: ” the Blondie has flirted with us!”   With you it’s different. You are very frank and exposed. You say explicitly: We want Arab oil, you say explicitly: Arabs and Muslims are not welcome in America! You say frankly: I am with Israel in all that it does, you do not say ” I’m against settlement “then pay the price of cement, you don’t ask Israel to be self- restraint in Gaza then give them missiles to bombard it!

Mr. President: Do you know why America chose you?

I will tell you, it chose you because you are a copy of it, your description in any respectable country only matches the boss of a gang! Do not get angry, the evidence is on who claimed it! First you are devoid of culture, and you know about politics as much as Shakira knows about the theory of relativity. Hillary crushed you in two debates and exposed you ignorance, nevertheless they voted for you! They leaked videos of you where you were bragging about harassing women, and despite this they elected you!

They proved t hat you evade paying the taxes that you ask people to pay, even though they elected you! Your family life is nauseating but despite this they elected you! Believe me, you are a miniature copy of America, an ugly version of an ugly country that still till this day celebrates the anniversary of dropping  atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki without a minimum Pangs of conscience!

Mr. President: We are fed up with masks so show us the real face of USA! We are fed up with sweet talks , so please let us hear the real words of USA! We are tired of you feeling anxious and nauseous about what is happening to us; as these are symptoms of pregnancy not politics, so please show us the real feelings of USA toward us, and don’t be afraid on us from emotional disappointment, as we know -but we want our rulers to know- that it is a one-sided love affair! We are tired of watching you pretending to hold the stick from the middle ; so grab it from the tip, and thrash it on our heads may we wake up!

Mr. President: Nothing can devastate states faster than handing over their leadership to a fool ! I pray to God that your era will be the beginning of the fall, and that the years of your rule on America will be just like the seven lean years on the people of Egypt at the time of Joseph peace be upon him. Please! Be yourself, don’t let them restrain you , please be an American without any make-up!

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