The moon of peace shines from Sochi

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

It has been seven years and three months since the beginning of the unjust war on Syria, a devastating war that almost left nothing undestroyed , history has never witnessed a war with  this amount of brutal blood shedding like this one..a war that brought all the bitterness and pain in the world to the Syrian people, especially Syrian  women who suffered from slaughter , rape , killing and giving their young boys and girls as martyrs in this struggle and fight to liberate the Syrian homeland from those mercenaries who came from every corner to carry out anti-Syrian schemes in exchange to get paid to kill children, women and men, and what was paid for that purpose exceeded 300 billion dollars.

But Syria has been fighting and struggling to maintain its unity and to resist the (Zionist-American) plans which did all it can to destroy Syria the country that could preserve its unity through all the martyrs it gave; to be able to wait and see the moon of peace, the eyes of all Syrians are looking toward their victorious leader who was able to win over eighty-two countries that participated in this war with all that they have from criminals, funds and heavy, medium and light weapons, but this leader was able with his good management , willpower and leadership of the Syrian Arab Army, to astonish the whole world with all its soldiers, politicians and observers, till he was able to raise the flag of the Syrian  victory  right before the final victory bows. His recent meeting with President Putin in Sochi raised the heads of the Syrians to the skies of Syria looking for the crescent of peace.

We heard President Assad and we heard President Putin while looking for the crescent of Syrian peace. Analysts and military researchers have been able to see the crescent of peace appearing between the speeches exchanged between the two leaders.

On the other hand, related to the victories of the Syrian Arab Army, we now can see our Syrian Arab flag flying over every place of our great sweet country ,and we can see that the crescent of peace turned into a  shining half-moon when Mr.

President said that millions of Syrians are on their way back home and these words had a great impact in the hearts of the Syrians..

Dear Syrians, you have been patient ,honorable and brave not like those traitors who betrayed this country and its people just like their betrayal of Allah and His Messenger. But  be sure that the moon of peace will soon give a  way to the sun  of a new victorious dawn..



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