The upcoming tempest of victory in the South

By Dr. Ahmad al-Hajj Ali

The South was the beginning and it should be the end. Battles are not subject to speculation or theorization. In the south, the already-held belief that the Syrian homeland has attained ultimate victory over terrorismwould be further consolidated  and would leave no room for any potential doubt. This victory has been attained by means of unrivalled steadfastness, sacrifices and innovation in engaging in tough, complex and complicated  battles, as it was the case with the Yarmouk camp and the Hajar al-Aswad neighborhood. In these moments, where we are at a cross-road, all eyes are on the South and all hearts are pulsing with hope for the forthcoming good news from the southern part of the Syrian homeland.

The conspirators have hedged their bets on Southern Syria to be the birthplace of their present-day imperialist-Zionist-reactionary scheme. That choice was not a mere beginning, a viewpoint or a mere selection of a certain geographic  location.

The issue had to do with the parallelism between the frenzy upbeat of the terrorist project and the characteristics of the Syrian Southern region, which is known for its firm commitment to well-established principles, deeply-rooted identity and its known contribution to civilization-building, including its key role in conveying the message of Islam to the entire world. This region is famous for its noble values and dear sacrifices while  fighting against the hateful Ottoman occupation and the grudge-driven French occupation.

As rightfully characterized by the immortal President Hafez Assad and as recorded in French and British books of history, the key identifying feature of this region is the fact that it has always been a key point of defense fending off successive forces of aggression.

History recordsshow  that Horan has been pivotal in foiling the ancient Talmudic expansion attempts. Before Christ times, this region has fought back and repelled  the evil Maccabi Kingdom, liberated southern Syria from that nightmare and brought down the kingdom of evil in ancient Palestine during those periods of history.

Historical documents tell us that the first popular war in the known history was carried out  by the people of the South  hundreds of years Before Christ.

The great legend of resistance against the Zionist occupation endured since ever the first  Jewish Zionist  groups of gangsters began to  invade Palestine under the protection of the deceptive British Mandate. The land of the South has been a battle field of confrontation. The sons of  the southern region of Horan, like other Syrians, have been a true example of the deep belonging to the homeland. Their true Arab qualities were best demonstrated  during the great October War of liberation.

The battle is heading now towards the South. The Zionist enemy is lurking and poised to attack from the West side. The Jordanian Monarchy regime is performing its role in training the terrorists to unleash them into the south.

The US is foaming and threatening. All sorts of pressure are being applied on the sons of the south. Hence comes the focus on Horan.

They are planning to unleash their agents provocateurs, to buy selling out consciences, to hijack the religion of Islam and to pick up some individuals with no known family history nor any brain or wisdom to install  them as “symbols”  and rulers of the South so that the entire southern region would be tarnished and taken hostage.

But all of these  sinister  plans proved to be mere wishful illusions, both on the intellectual level and on the level of  military confrontations on the ground. We know the story of the South tempest years ahead, through its various  recurrent stages and phases.

Now, victory proceeds in its  cavalcadetowards the South and the noble values of Horan are being resurrected to greet, well-receive and integrate into this procession of victory.

Tomorrow is too nigh for those awaiting it.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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