Jordan: Unexpected and unpredictable

By Bassam Hashem

To begin with, it might be wiser to start getting used to see the most unexpected and unpredictable suddenly coming true.

We might need to readjust our brains to tune with the complex, multi-dimensional and multi-layered inter-locking way of thinking that  surely involves a sort of accumulative nature in terms of time.

This prelude is an essential preamble for any reasonable approach to the “unexpected” and un-awaited blow up of events that wrecked Jordan at least temporarily. The Hashemite Kingdom regime, would remain, till further notice, a military and security establishment endowed with  an extraordinary standard of  care and sponsorship.  Without naming, there are several foreign parties that sleeplessly work  to ensure the well-performance of its missions and functions.

But, in spite of this intensive care, these parties are not concerned at all with the national Jordanian interests, with the true interests of the Jordanian people nor with its stability, not to mention their right to expedite their authority over their own land or to exercise full sovereignty over own territories. The next few days, might reveal a lot, some of it might be really huge and serious. Such a statement might be justified in view of the storm of the appalling and overwhelming storm of “protests” that swept almost all Jordanian cities with almost no exemption. Out of blue, these waves of protests broke out at a time when the “post-Arab Spring” street was supposed to have learned new and more innovative techniques of  protesting.

It should have, at least, distanced itself from the techniques applied by the “Muslim Brotherhoods” in terms of their day and night patterns of  grouping upon getting out from mass-prayers, especially on Fridays. One would remember in particular those night-time mass-dances, the observer of which would be confused as to whether these groups were collectively discharging a surplus of  youth energy,   a new form of political awareness,  a mere collective response to a tribal call for  help done by the next of kin, or merely a new “pass word” hiding behind it a Salafist identity featuring a sort of belonging to the second generation of “DAESH” (ISIS), or al-Nusra Front?

All analysis available so far, tend to focus on the economic crisis, the rising debt problem, the receding  financial assistance, the deteriorating living standards, the harsh conditions of the International Monetary Fund, and the burden of the “refugees”. But no one, as yet, looked deeper  to delve into that “deep Jordan”, Isisized (gradually turning it into  ISIS-like community) by the US war on Iraq over a decade of time.

After being Isisized, it has exported the surplus of its  political, and social crisis to Syria.  Over the past seven years, such a toxic “export” has been routinely done through the leadership rendered to the terrorist Nusra Front, with its pre-dominant Jordanian component in terms of both the operational and the ideological aspects, to feed  the terrorist  war in southern and northern Syria with  direct  financial and logistical support supplied by the “MOC” Operations Room. As a result,  all the areas  lying along the border line between the two countries as well as almost all “refugee camps” have turned into safe havens and open places for the malign perpetuations of  terrorist  groups, who have never thought for one single moment that they would be fired because no one needs their services any more.

The Jordanian authorities seem to have never though that one day they  would find themselves face to face with this fundamentalist monster, whom they have  cultivated and nurtured along with the Saudis, the Qataris, the Israelis, and the Americans.

They seem to have been taken fully off guard. How could not they figure out that this monster with such malign ISIS genes would  surely set alight the martyr al-Kassassibah out of  vengeance not revenge even if this would mean breaking away from the well-established  tribal traditions commanding members of the clans to treat their “guests” well and never do him any harm. Over the past years, the Americans, the Saudis and the Qataris have done nothing other than drowning the Hashemite regime with a long, ever-worsening and continuously exacerbating crisis.

The deteriorating living conditions are just the tip of the ice berg. The huge, yet unseen and invisible, deep base is a progression of fearsome repercussions and blow backs of the idiotic and blind involvement in the Syrian crisis. These are the ramifications of the sustained involvement  in the Syrian crisis by fanning the flames of the war and by maintaining  counter-productive incitement for further fighting without paying any heed whatsoever for  the long-term Jordanian national interests. This was in fact a mere short-sighted propaganda reflecting a serious national and patriotic deficiency. Such an ignorance was most glaring  by the illusory rhetoric re-echoing the hollow buzz-word that “The regime would surely fall down”.

This is how things  have transpired. The Kingdom rode the tide of the US-Wahhabist-Erdoganist “spring”, only to drown in its whirlwind tempest.  Daesh and Nusra Front terrorists  are now coming back home to roost. They seem to be going back to their secret “civilian” work again.

The  “Arab Spring” adolescents are taking to streets “inspired” by the same pseudo-Islamism, tribalism and infantile leftism which once  led the 2011 protests. There is little room for optimism. Demands for bread and dignity might deserve our respect. But the fact is: Jordan is drowning. It is literally  drowning. Resources and money are not coming as long as the specter of the “Deal of the Century” is placing the Kingdom in the eye of some of the most unprecedented  challenges. The Saudis, simply, would not pay. Trump has got used to take and never give. Israel is eager to change the rules of the game. The resistance option is coming back to the region more vigorously and with a lot more experience.

The Crown should re-think own internal and external options. More importantly, it should brace itself for a tough fight with the armed fundamentalist groups, which seem to have grown beyond the second term of incubation,  following the lethal blow dealt to it in Syria. These are the aftershock tremors of the Syrian earthquake that came to fruition without advance warnings.

Translated from Arabic by Syrianfacts. This piece was originally published by local media on June 7, 2018



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