Goodbye to Cancer… “Metal Seed” Destroys Tumors in 10 Minutes

British Daily Telegraph reported that British Scientists discovered what is described as the magnetic “metal seed” that can destroy brain tumors in only 10 minutes.

This new invention uses “MRI scanners” to heat up cancer cells until they die. The British University College London has developed the new cure which involves injecting a tiny magnetic metal seed in the bloodstream, directing it to the site of cancer cells and destroying them in only ten minutes. Scientists use “MRI scanners” to heat up the metal seed which causes the cells to die in the tissues. Not only does it kill cancer cells, but it saves healthy cells from the damaging effect of invasive surgery or radiotherapy.

The team have experimented that technology on the brains of pigs and plans to move to human trials on patients with prostate cancer and other cancerous tumors. Mark Lythgoe, professor of imagining at UCL and member of  research team, said: “The simple idea is the patient goes into the MRI scanner, you locate a tumor in the brain or the prostate and then we implant a tiny magnetic particle, a little bit smaller than a grain of rice, to the site of the tumor,” he continued,” We can guide it with real precision avoiding any areas that we don’t want to go to, like the sensory motor-cortex in the brain, the area with memories and other areas.” Once it’s in there we’re able to fire in a simple radio wave and these seeds heat up well, and kills all the cancer cells and protect the healthy cells.”

Source: Arabic.sputniknews



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