“Who owns the world media is the one who kills humans”

This is what a Libyan academic wrote: “One morning I hired an African worker to clean my roof of my house (which later turned out to be an assistant professor at the university of Kinshasa; capital of Congo).”

He completed his task and so I wanted to drive him back to Duran Island, on our way we shared a conversation ; he said to me : ” Congo was and still a Belgian colony in the heart of Africa, and it has all the gifts of nature from forests, gold, diamonds, minerals and other rich resources that are almost used in everything from your mobile phone screens to the airwaves in the air force that is now striking in your country”.

Then he asked me if I knew that nine million people had been killed in his country in the last 40 years, and when I answered him no, he said: – Who owns the global media is the one who kills people there and that is why you will never hear about it.. !!

I asked him about the role of Belgium in his country? He said to me: “it isn’t a single country that controls Congo, the whole world controls us, and each according to its possibilities, America of course has the lion’s share because it is a great power.

France, Britain, China and Belgium all invest in our deaths.

The advocates of peace and human rights will never come to us despite the rape of half a million women”.

I couldn’t but ask him what brought him to Libya, and the answer came like this : ” Their militias raped my wife in front of me, and then killed my father, after that they threw my children in the well of my farm and tied me at the edge of this well for days to force me to hear their screams ; I tried to reassure them but they went silent one by one, how I wished to hear this scream for years till somebody comes and saves them, but they all remained silent”  No words could come out of my mouth , so he said : ” When there are a large number of militias, companies, states and politicians who want a share of you, your land and the wealth of your country (as what is happening in your country now), you will never be able to have a united state under one law and one judicial institution because each state will sign contracts with Other countries or companies, in which they waive part of their wealth in exchange for their protection and security.

There are hundreds of parties that want some gold or diamonds from the Congo, and each of them has a gang and a militia. We who have a nightmare in our paradise-like country”.

I thanked him and said goodbye … He sat down with his friends waiting for a new task with another customer. .. I couldn’t not think about our country and how it has split and fragmented , because each side wants a share of its wealth, and because he who makes money somewhere, makes with it displacement , destruction , stagnation and future problems elsewhere. Then I remembered something I had been thinking for weeks … I remembered how we split into parts … a part that imagines that salvation will only be achieved by the absolute commitment to religion as he understood it … and another part that imagines that the problems we suffer will not end unless we take down religion Or separate it from the state.. then a dark laugh came to me when I thought about the wish of this beautiful  Congolese man of hearing the cries of his children again … I laughed because I knew how much victims we are .. This African worker made me rearrange the concepts of my national, intellectual and ideological life.. and I say: “This is what happens In my country, but will the people realize that one day?! May all curses of heaven fall upon who sacrifices his country for a handful of money or position. “

Source: almuraqeb-aliraqi



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