Daily Archives: Thursday June 28th, 2018

Austria against political manipulation of Islam

 11 June 2018 Enforcing the law on Islam adopted in Feb 2015, the Austrian Minister for Internal Affairs  has proceeded to close down 7 mosques and to expel 40 Imams (some of the 260 Imams that are present in the country). Specifically, the Austrian authorities have reproached these Imams for organizing a ceremony with children in military uniforms. This goes ...

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Assad, the strategic fault-lineand international balance

By Nasser Qindeel Before the war on Syria broke out and before the Western Spring was unleashed on the Arab world, President Assad foresaw the strategic vacuum resulting from the crises that hit the US role and presence in the region. He has observed the grand transformationsundergone in geopolitical equations and sciences. He recognized the fact that regional security can ...

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