Daily Archives: Saturday June 30th, 2018

President al-Assad, Iran phobia..and the cup in Daraa

While Israel is preoccupied with the Iranian presence inside Syria and how many miles the Iranians can be pushed away from the border, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is preoccupied with strengthening his internal front and harvesting the fruits of his field victories and arranging his military home after the war years. He decrees a good financial increase on the salaries ...

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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) – Undermining the Foundations the Republic of Turkey (Part 13)

By “Ahmad Sulaiman Al-Ibrahim” – a researcher on Turkish affairs There is no doubt that we can’t expect a formal meeting between an official of the American administration and Erdogan who visited Washington in January 2002 without assuming any official position. Especially that shortly after this visit,Boland Ajawid, the Turkish Prime Minister,is going to officially visit the United States. For ...

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