President al-Assad, Iran phobia..and the cup in Daraa

While Israel is preoccupied with the Iranian presence inside Syria and how many miles the Iranians can be pushed away from the border, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is preoccupied with strengthening his internal front and harvesting the fruits of his field victories and arranging his military home after the war years.

He decrees a good financial increase on the salaries of his soldiers and officers.

He is also busy planning to retrieve the rest of the lost lands, reconstruction, and reaching the finish line of victorious in this war imposed on Syria, and most likely only few meters are remained to reach this line.

More important, it will be difficult for Israelis to find out whether Assad and his allies have invented the scarecrow of Iranian existence, or whether Iran it is truly frightening.

Until the truth is clarified, it will be too late and the land will be restored  back  to the way it was before 2011.

There is no doubt that President al-Assad is delighted that his Russian allies are succeeding in organizing the greatest sporting event on the planet, the 2018 World Cup, and until the end of this “soccer feast” the snow will melt in Daraa …

The allies may establish their own military and political “Mondial” southern Syria and hand ” the cup” to the Syrian army before handing it to the winning team in Moscow.



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