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When Syrians dared to talk

By Dr. Ali al-Shoeibi Writing is a trust. Yet it is not always at hand. If you were asked to write, you might be able to do so on spot and you might not be able to do so. This, in itself, something that should be subject to a special study and contemplation. But what has happened and is still ...

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By: Rowad On the15 of may 1948  whıch ıs known the Nakba day, more than 800 thousand of palestınıans were forcıbly dısplaced, by zıonısts , from their indigenous towns and cıtıes ınto the west  bank  and Gaza strıp to neıghborıng Arab Countrıes and other countrıes of the world . since then the zıonısts have been commıttıng heınous massacres  agaınst  the ...

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