Daily Archives: Sunday July 1st, 2018

Waves of terror threaten Europe! Danger bells are ringing..

The IHS British Center warned of the danger of exporting terrorism to European countries through foreign fighters returning to these countries, after they fought with ISIL in Iraq and Syria. The Center said in a detailed analysis that returning foreign fighters raise the risk of complex and widespread terrorist attacks in Europe, according to a new report released by the ...

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A Device That Enables Controlling Robots by Use of Thoughts

Russian engineers at “Neurobotics” company have invented a small computer device that enables people with disabilities to control robots, drones and electronic games by using their thoughts. One of the remarkable features of the device is its great ability to transmit signals from the cerebral cortex of the user. The device was designed under the project “neural-control technology” of the ...

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Life and Good Deeds

Once upon a time, a poor woman was carrying her child and passing near a cave. Suddenly,  she heard a voice coming from the depth of the cave telling her: “come in and take everything you want, but don’t forget the most important and essential thing which is that when you leave the cave, the door will be closed forever… ...

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