A Device That Enables Controlling Robots by Use of Thoughts

Russian engineers at “Neurobotics” company have invented a small computer device that enables people with disabilities to control robots, drones and electronic games by using their thoughts. One of the remarkable features of the device is its great ability to transmit signals from the cerebral cortex of the user.

The device was designed under the project “neural-control technology” of the “national technology initiative” institution. Any disabled person can control the home robots by the mere use of thoughts. Moreover, they can control their wheelchair, and the computer will help them find their cane or hearing aid.

As soon as the user send a command from their brain, the cane, hearing aid or any other device would start vibrating which facilitate finding them.

A statement issued by the Russian Strategic Initiatives Agency confirmed that the “aware” computer device can improve the lifestyle of people with special needs.

During the stage of designing the device, “Neurobotics” company collaborated with the company of “Medical Computer System”, Moscow Technical Physics Institution, “Sensor Tech” Lab, Neurology Scientific Center and others.

Source: vesti.ru



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